Soundproofing under wood floors

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Soundproof your floors with quality products from Soundproof Cow. We have a variety of flooring underlayments for hardwood, laminate, ceramic & carpet floors.

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SoundproofingFloors against Unwanted Noise. Soundproofingfloors is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, as every type of floor has its own unique soundproofing need, and therefore there are several possible solutions to consider. You may want carpet, hardwood, ceramic, or vinyl, and this.

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Soundproof your floors with the Noisestop F7 mats. Quickly and easily upgrade your floors with this 10mm acoustic underlay. A combination of two layers of 2.5mm mass loaded vinyl with an acoustic grade foam centre, an ideal combination for reducing airborne and impact noise.

soundproofing under laminate/wood flooring
In the bedroom we are about to relay new flooring having ripped up the old stuff but want to install some good soundproofing first. We are undecided as to what we'll lay as a floor but it def will be wood/solid. Can you recommend a decent soundproofing system that is fairly simple to DIY?

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Lady is to sell top flat in her rooming house. Prospective purchasor does not like her new carpets and wants to lay wood block floor over existing floorboards. The flat was converted 14 years ago and has double thickness floor ceiling with fibregalss between ceiling joists.