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And I have had a severe lower backpain for more than15 years which I think originally stems from where the pilonidalcyst was. The cyst was on a little right side of the center line of my coccyx. Actually, the size of my right butt cheek is now a little smaller than that of my left butt cheek.

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Doctors help you with trusted information about BackPain in PilonidalCyst: Dr. Ibrahim on pilonidalcyst lower backpain: Sounds like you have a pinched nerve in your back. I would suggest seeing a pain/spine specialist to evaluate you further to evaluate what level and what can be done to treat you.

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The terms pilonidal abscess and pilondial cyst are often used interchangably. However, a cyst and abscess are different – an abscess contains pus while a cyst is a fluid-containing cavity that sometimes even has semi-solid material.

Q: What is a pilonidal cyst?
A pilonidalcyst is believed to be the result of ingrown hairs, which are hairs that curl back and grow into the skin, instead of sticking straight out. Younger men are more likely to develop cysts than women. Among the many symptoms are pain, swelling, redness and pus. It’s common for patients.