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A mixed bag: City invests in former EKO Compost plant
By the time Missoula bought EKOCompost last fall, Sullivan said its fees had increased to about $450,000 a year, just to run the conveyor over the fence. The city kept the same fee structure as EKO.

Composting Maui, HI - Maui EKO Systems Inc
EKO follows a very thorough and monitored composting process. Prior to sale, EKO sends samples of compost to the lab to be tested for e.coli

EKO Compost
EKOCompost has a high carbon:nitrogen ratio. (approximately 19:1). The carbon to nitrogen ratio is important in determining how easily bacteria can decompose organic matter. The micro-organisms in.

Residential Services — Missoula Compost Collection LLC.
We offer compost pickup and delivery service for all types of customers in Missoula, both commercial and residential. If you have compostable organics to get rid of, we want to help you divert your waste.

EKO Compost: Turning Dirt into Soil - UEnergy
The EKOCompost is made up of two types of materials: biosolids from the local treatment plant and organic material from the community. EKOCompost is located directly adjacent from the Missoula.