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Consumer Affairs Victoria - Consumer Affairs Victoria
ConsumerAffairsVictoria officers have seized more than 3,000 potentially harmful bottles of fake blood and other items during six visits to wholesale and retail premises across Melbourne’s southeast suburbs.

Consumer Affairs Victoria
ConsumerAffairsVictoria. Ticketed pop-up events, like food and wine festivals, should be entertaining for everyone – but sometimes, things can go wrong, or organisers fail to deliver on what they advertised. Consumer regulators are looking at pop-up events to see if they are complying with.

Consumer Affairs Victoria
ConsumerAffairsVictoria provides information and advice on issues including renting, buying and selling property, building, shopping, motor car trading, small businesses and clubs and not-for-profits. It licenses or registers (in conjunction with the Business Licensing Authority).

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Consumer Affairs Victoria
ConsumerAffairsVictoria (CAV) is a Victorian government agency that protects and promotes the interests of consumers and is based in the Australian state of Victoria. CAV is responsible for reviewing and advising the Victorian Government on consumer legislation and industry codes.

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The website of ConsumerAffairsVictoria. CAV is the business unit of the Victorian Department of Justice. Its aim is to help all Victorians “be responsible and informed businesses and consumers”. Much more than a website for OwnersCorporations, it’s a handy resource to have at hand.