90 degree socket adapter

Cheap 90 Degree Socket Adapter, find 90 Degree Socket Adapter...
This adapter washer will adapter 60 degree taper lug nuts to a ball socket taper. Typically used on 5 lug centerline rims, BTR, Empi Race Trim, and other wheels.

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90Degree Swivel Universal Joint SocketAdapter90DegreeSocket Wrench Adapter90Degree Ratchet Adapter90Degree Electrical Plug Adapter90Degree Impact Adapter Elbow SocketAdapter

Gilbert - Gl-90-SC - 90 Degree Socket Adapter
The GL-90-SC adapter is part of Corning Gilbert’s socket contact product series. This 90degreeadapter eliminates the inconvenience of seizure screws and access caps. The tin plated, high tensile strength contact provides a reliable and repeatable electrical connection for all mating pin diameters.

20X right angled satellite connector 90 degree plug...
20 packs of F Type Right Angle Male to Female TV Plug Coaxial Coax Cable Adaptor Connector Warranty: 3 MonthsStatus: NewSKU: OC-123x20 F Type Adapter - Male to Female 90Degree Angle Pakage Included: 20 packs of male to female 90degree coax adater Shipping: Items will be shipped.

TENS or Banana Socket to 90 Degree TENS Pin Adapter Wire
We had our manufacturer make these special 90degreeadapters after we had so many customers asking for them. These right-angle adapter wires make it easy to connect any TENS socket electrode or plug, allowing for sitting while stimming. Previously, the only choice you had was the straight TENS.